Sirens presents: Notes from Sirens During a Pandemic

Celebrating 9 seasons of high-level choral singing in the Sirens Choral Association has proven challenging in the face of many pandemic-related challenges. Not only have they had to cancel all concerts in their 9th season, but due to members testing positive or family members testing positive, Sirens has had to cancel many rehearsals as well as postpone some of the Harmonia Girls’ Choir rehearsals and concerts. Although this is not unfamiliar news, as many businesses, organizations, and festivals have had to pivot, postpone, or cancel their way through the previous two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sirens is a small ensemble who focuses on detailed and artistic work. They are known for a level of professional artistry which is unattainable without consistent rehearsals.

Due to this, Sirens must announce the cancellation of their season’s finale concert. Refusing to succumb to the heartache attached with cancellations, Sirens will instead produce an event steeped in vulnerability and honesty, highlighting their struggles, passions, and featuring some favourite pieces from the previous few years. This musical event, titled Notes from Sirens During a Pandemic, will be an immersive introduction to the world of choral singing. It will feature a hybrid rehearsal and performance inviting audience members to witness the level of vulnerability and connectedness necessary to achieve the high-quality musicianship within a usual Sirens’ concert. This special event will also include audience involvement led by Kelsea McLean, Sirens’ Artistic Director and choral professional known for her dedicated belief in the transformative power of singing in community.

“I want us to shift our focus from a polished performance to one of sharing where we are at,” shares Artistic Director Kelsea McLean who recognizes the challenges of trying to rehearse as a choir during a pandemic. She continues, “As my father used to say: it won’t be perfect, but it will be beautiful. We will focus on community, vulnerability, and resilience while sharing how we can create community through the act of singing.”

Notes from Sirens During a Pandemic will be held at Park Royal United Church on Sunday May 29th at 3pm. Admission is “give what you can” with a minimum suggested fee of $10; tickets may be purchased online or at the door. To find out more information about the Sirens Choral Association, visit their website or join the event for an immersive introduction to the world of choral singing.

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