Sirens Choral Association Inc.

Island Jazz-3
Sirens and Harmonia in concert, November 2016


Sirens Choral Association Inc. became a registered not-for-profit in June 2017.


Sirens Choral Association Inc. is a non profit, women’s choral organization in Prince Edward Island. SCA is committed to fostering the development of choral music on PEI by achieving a high level of choral artistry through education and accessible programming.  A supportive community for women and girls, Sirens Choral Association Inc. strives to nurture musical and personal growth, meaningful relationships, leadership skills and confidence in its participants.


Sirens Choral Association Inc.’s vision is to:

  • Provide quality choral education and training programs to Island women and girls;
  • Administer accessible programs available to participants from across the Island;
  • Create a network of choral singers across PEI;
  • Foster a high level of choral performance on the Island;
  • Create a community for advanced musicians to thrive;
  • Educate the next generation of musical leaders.

Board of Directors

Michelle Jay, Jackie Skinner, Andrew Zinck