Upcoming Performance: June 7th

We’re still filled with the supportive vibes that came with the lovely audience who attended our first performance! You’ve certainly inspired us to work hard toward our next project. In the coming weeks, Sirens will be talking shop and brainstorming for the upcoming season.

Next up on our schedule is a guest performance at the Annual Ragazze and Ragazzi Concert on Friday, June 7th, 8:00 PM, Steel Recital Hall (UPEI Campus). The concert will feature girls’ choir La Ragazze and children’s choir Ragazzi, as well as special guests from the community! We’ll be performing a couple of favourites from our New Beginnings programme and may join La Ragazze for a piece or two.

As a side note, we’ve recently joined Facebook, so if you would like to receive updates on your newsfeed, don’t forget to like us!

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