Any of you that have been involved with putting together a performance know the hours of work that go into making it happen. On Sunday, the Sirens ladies had their last full rehearsal. We started the day by singing at Trinity United Charlottetown’s service, treated ourselves to a nice brunch and then spent four hours working through our entire program. For the first time we sang with our lovely collaborative pianist, Frances McBurnie, as well as Branden Kelly who will be contributing some percussive sounds. It was one of those rehearsals where everything locked into place – our own Jennifer Cullen delcared, “well, we have a concert!”

We’re very proud of the product that has resulted from hours of hard work – we can’t wait to share! Come out to cheer us on Sunday, May 5 at 7:30 PM. We’ll be singing at Trinity United, Charlottetown; on the corner of Richmond and Prince.

We're really excited to sing...always!
We’re really excited to sing…always!