Watch “Boundless” – Sirens Virtual Album Release Party

Thank you to those who joined us for the virtual launch of “Boundless” on November 13! The launch video will be available on YouTube until Friday, November 27.

Sirens’ first album, Boundless, is now available!

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Kelsea McLean, Artistic Director
Produced and edited by Jeff Reilly
Recorded and mixed by Rod Sneddon
Digital post production by John Adams
Mastered by Simon Heyworth
Videography and video production of “In Her Image” by Millefiore Clarkes
Interview videography and editing by Shane Pendergast
Recorded at St Bonaventure’s Church, Tracadie Cross, PEI, December 2019

This recording project and video were made possible thanks to the support of FACTOR, Canada. #FACTORfunded

About this Album
Boundless honours women’s propensity for resilience. When confronted with life’s obstacles, women have an innate drive to overcome and seek freedom from their suffering and challenges. This album tells stories of these adversities, but more importantly, it journeys to a place of hope and light. Reaching lightness could not happen without the fortitude of other strong women working together in community. Boundless is a celebration of an uplifting and encouraging sisterhood. It is through our shared love and support that we take flight and soar! About Sirens: Named for the singing femmes fatales of Greek mythology, Sirens is an award-winning women’s choral ensemble that fosters a professional artistic environment and the development of choral music on Prince Edward Island, Canada. Under the artistic direction of Kelsea McLean, the group has developed a strong following of supporters and has been lauded for its pure tone quality, sensitive musicality and precision as an ensemble.

Tracks on Boundless
01 The Bird’s Lullaby (Sarah Quartel,©OUP)
02 The Imaginary Garden (Marie-Claire Saindon,©SODRAC)
03 Jerusalem Luminosa (Abbie Betinis, ©Neil A. Kjos Music CO.)
04 In Her Image (Katerina Gimon,©SODRAC)
05 Famine Song (VIDA, arr. Matthew Culloton, ©SBMP)
06 Selene’s Boat (Don MacDonald,©Hal Leonard LLC)
07 Spark (Eric William Barnum, ©Graphite Publishing)
08 Uraren Besotik (Eva Ugalde, ©Eva Ugalde & Josune Lopez)
09 Winter Sun (Don MacDonald,©Cypress Choral Music)
10 Boundless (Katerina Gimon,©SODRAC)
11 Turlutte acadienne montréalaise (Marie-Claire Saindon,©SODRAC)
12 Light of a Clear Blue Morning (Dolly Parton, arr. The Wailin Jennys, ©Velvet Apple Music)

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