“Songs of the Sea” weekend is a wrap: thank you!


What a weekend we had!

After four months of preparation, we had the opportunity this weekend to share Songs of the Sea with two warm, receptive audiences. This was the first time that Sirens performed a concert program in two different communities, and we’re so glad that we did. Sirens is pleased with the outcome, and there are some individuals we just need to thank:

UPEI Music: Thank you to the supportive faculty, students and administration of UPEI. Several of us are alumni and students of the university, and it was very meaningful to perform at the institution that provided (and provides!) our education.

Trinity United Church, Summerside: Thank you to Andrew Richardson, administration, and congregation of Trinity United for hosting our first full-length performance in Summerside. Your church is beautiful and a pleasure to sing in.

Stephanie Cole: You are a pianist extraordinaire! Our accompanied pieces were a true collaboration between piano and ensemble, and you fit perfectly within our sound. Thank you!

Alana Reddin: You captured the visual of our program perfectly. Thank you for once again designing our promotional materials!

Nova Scotia Choral Federation: Thank you for the loan of scores used in Songs of the Sea.

Our Audiences: What would a concert be without an audience? Many thanks to all who attended in both Charlottetown and Summerside – you make all the hard work worth it!

Today, we’re still feeling the concert high, but also a bit of relief after such a busy rehearsal/performance period. We’ll be taking a couple of weeks off before we start preparing for our spring 2015 concerts, L.O.V.E.

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