Coming up this week!

After a month off from singing, we’re looking forward to a couple of engagements this week.

On Thursday evening (June 6th), as part of an outreach initiative, we’ll be performing at the Morell Regional High School’s Spring Band Concert. Our own Kelsea McLean has been working at the school for the past month as a substitute music teacher. Her students have been requesting to hear their teacher and Sirens in action. A few of us are getting together to contribute to their end of year performance!

On Friday evening, we will be featured as guests at the Annual Ragazze and Ragazzi Concert on Friday, June 7th, 8:00 PM, Steel Recital Hall (UPEI Campus). The concert will include girls’ choir La Ragazze and children’s choir Ragazzi, as well as special guests from the community.

We look forward to performing among the future choristers and musicians of PEI’s music community!

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