Back in July, Sirens ended it’s 2017-18 season with a series of appearances at Podium conference and festival in St John’s, Newfoundland.

Podium is Choral Canada’s national, biennial conference and festival. Podium on the Edge: Singing from Sea to Sea to Sea was held for the first time ever this year in St John’s, Newfoundland.

Sirens was invited to perform at a Highlight concert. The ensemble appeared before a packed house of more than 500 people at St. John’s Cochran Center. The group premiered a new work by composer Jeff Enns with lyrics by PEI’s Poet Laureate Deirdre Kessler called “Sorrow Song for Whales.” Kessler based her lyrics on a Mi’kmaq legend as told by Elder Matilda Knockwood.

Sirens also had the opportunity to perform alongside some of Canada’s premiere equal-voice choirs including Elektra (BC), Vancouver Men’s Chorus (BC), and Primus: Amabile Men’s Chorus (ON).

A group shot with Sirens, Elektra and Primus!

Praise has been pouring in since Sirens’ Podium premiere with invitations to perform coming in from across Canada and as far away as Slovenia.

The ladies took a well-deserved break for the summer, and will beginning rehearsals soon to perform “Sorrow Song for Whales” for Island audiences this November. Full season details will be announced shortly!

Sirens would not have made it to Newfoundland without the support of its stakeholders – Sponsorship provided in part by the Terra Nova fund and PEI Symphony Orchestra, and Innovation PEI and the Culture Action Plan.


Harmonia Girls’ Choir is seeking new singers for the 2018-19 season!

Now entering its fourth season, Harmonia is Sirens’ premiere educational program for girls between the ages of 11-18! Have fun, make new friends, and discover the joys of singing in a group – Harmonia is a community where girls can feel safe to find their voices through music. Focus is placed on strong vocal technique, musicianship, and music theory, all while having fun, of course! Harmonia is under the direction of Kelsea McLean, with pianist Andrea Ellis, both experienced educators and private music instructors.

“Harmonia is my favourite activity any of my kids have ever taken. My daughter is always singing! She loves the girls in the choir. She loves Kelsea and Andrea. She is learning so much. The concerts are wonderful. My wife and I thank our stars every day that the Sirens have developed this educational service aspect to their choir. She will return, 100%. Her little sister can’t wait to be a Harmonia girl, too.” – Harmonia parent, 2017-present


Ensemble Information

  • Location – Park Royal United Church, Charlottetown (11 Christie Drive);
  • Rehearsals are Tuesday evenings, 6:15-8:15pm, from September 11, 2018 to May 7th, 2019;
  • Harmonia performs two concert programs each season: a Christmas performance on December 8 & 9 (with Sirens) and a Spring performance on May 11;
  • Harmonia contributes music to Sunday morning services at Park Royal twice per school year
  • Harmonia will perform with the PEI Symphony Orchestra on April 14 alongside Sirens and community singers; extra rehearsals to be scheduled between April 11-13
  • The choir will participate in the Queens County Music Festival in May 2019
  • Additional performances may be included in the schedule pending availability and value of experience for singers
  • As part of the Sirens family, singers have the opportunity to attend Sirens concerts (for free!) and perform alongside the group;
  • Singers will receive specialized vocal training within a gendered choir context, specializing in specific training for the girl’s developing voice
  • Girls aged 11-18 are welcome to join;
  • Registration for the entire year is $125
    • No child will be excluded from participation due to financial reasons; please reach out to us directly with any questions you may have
  • NEW! Community Service Bursary hours now awarded to participating high school students!

“When I know we have a practice, I am very happy. I love singing with as the girls I have met have become good friends, and you are always made to feel that you are a special part of the group!” – Harmonia member, 2015-present

We are currently accepting new singers. All interested singers should contact Artistic Director, Kelsea McLean at